2 Craft: Fimo Clay Beads

making-beads-w-fimo1What to do with all the little pieces of finger knitting that Ellen produces. There are several, such as scarfs for her cuddly toys for example. And the one I want to share here with you, necklaces. To do so we first had to make some big beads.

The only material I had in the house to make beads was fimo clay, very old fimo clay. We got it out and I had to wonder if we could use it. Well we made it work. With some cookie cutters we crumbled up the hard clay and then using water we massaged the clay into balls. A bamboo skewer makes the hole of the bead.making-beads-w-fimo2

Because the clay is old the whole thing was one big experiment. Ellen wanted to mix colours, so we could find out what the different colours would make together. Yellow and red made orange and that colour was very good for the thread that Ellen had picked for her finger knitting. So Ellen worked hard to make her beads happening. In the process she liked to use water, perhaps a bit to much. This gave the beads a spiky structure. Quite funky I would say, but have a look for yourself….. then decide if you should through out that old fimo clay.

making-beads-w-fimo4 making-beads-w-fimo3


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