2 Craft: Paper Gggghostssss

paper-gggghostssss1Halloween is upon us and is slowly starting to conker Australia. The kids in the neighbourhood are starting to get excited and Ellen is one of them. She has no idea what it is all about, but the enthusiasm of the others is contagious. Crafts in our house are all about Halloween at the moment. Ellen wanted to make ghosts. Trying to keep it simple I went for the little paper puppets that hold hands, this time it were ghosts holding hands though. Needless to say when it would be about Christmas, it would be snowman…

  • white paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • sticky tape

We took an A4 size piece of paper. Folded it in half and then fold back each sidepaper-gggghostssss2 to the middle line, like an accordion. Put the piece of paper length wise in front of you and draw a cute little ghost, with its arms stretched out to the sides, on the front. I explained it to Ellen like this; draw half a circle, then a line to the side, take the pencil of the paper and start a little lower, draw a line in and then a pretty skirt. She got most of it, but we fought over the arm, she felt that all lines needed to be connected. It was hard to explain to her that we needed that little bit to have the ghosts hold hands. Also I might not have had the most patience that day. Tip: have all the patience you can muster with little kids crafts. Ellen nevertheless finished drawing the ghost and then cut it out to reveal this cute string of gggghostssss…. Then she had to give them all a happy face:-) Make more ghosts and stick them together you have a cute garland to scare your friends with. Enjoy your Halloween!paper-gggghostssss3


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