2 Craft: Sewing a Simple Book

book-sewing2We are going to the end of the year, time to make the scrapbooks or prepare your journals for next year. For Ellen it is more about creating a book for her drawings and made up stories. With some coloured paper I made a book for her and her sister to draw in. While doing that I was convinced that Ellen could have done that herself and when I asked her if she wanted to try she was game. Yes I had to keep an eye on neatness, to keep things straight but other then that my 4-year-old did it all. Oh and I helped by putting my finger on the knot when she tied it.book-sewing3

  • coloured paper; 3 sheets in one colour, 1 sheet in a contrasting colour
  • string
  • needle; we used a plastic one
  • prick pen; I made my own by pushing a thick needle into a crock.
  • sponge
  • pen
  • scissors

Make a stack of your coloured paper, first the contrasting colour, then the three sheets of the other colour. Fold these in half. Open all sheets up and on the fold line draw three dots with a pen; one in the middle and two evenly spaced on either side. Put your sponge under the paper and prick holes through all layers with the prick pen. I guess you could use a pencil with a sharp point, but be careful that you do not make the holes too big. Thread a good length of string through your needle. Start in the middle on the inside of your book and thread the needle through. Go through the top hole back to front, then back through the middle. Last through the bottom whole and tie a knot with the other end of the string. To get a nice flat knot ask somebody to hold their finger on the first knot you tie and tie two on top of that. Cut of the extra ends and you are ready to draw, write, scrapbook, etc…book-sewing4


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