2 Craft: Ice-cream Spoon Puppets

spoon-puppets-1It is hot in Brisbane and it is only spring. With hot weather come, water play and ice-cream, lots and lots of ice-cream. Although we usually keep ourselves to ice-lollies, occasionally we get a treat at an ice-cream parlour. Some of them have very fancy spoons and instead of throwing them away Ellen and I looked at them to see what we could make with them. We came to the conclusion they would make awesome puppets and we ended up making some cool ladies together with her younger sister.

  • plastic spoons
  • sharpie
  • circle origami paper
  • paper doilies
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • scissors
  • sticky tapespoon-puppets-2

With a sharpie we drew a face on the broad part of the spoon. Ellen drew a dainty little face where as her younger sister has not total control yet and gave her puppet two big eyes and a mouth. They each got two circle origami papers that they stuck together with the doilies however they wanted to create a dress. Ellen folded her creation in half and cut a hole in the middle to put the spoon through. Her sister cut a piece of resembling a triangle for her dress. Using glue and or sticky tape we attached the dress to the spoon. All that was left was the hair. I offered Ellen some wool, but that was not an option, when I took out the cotton balls, she was happy. They got attached with glue. Now the ladies are having tea parties and going for strolls in the garden…   spoon-puppets-3


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