2 Craft: Day 1 Cutting a Star

day-1-star-snowflake-cutti1The 24 days of advent have started. Yes only 24 days to Christmas. And instead of having an advent calendar, I am going to attempt to make a Christmas decoration with my children every day. Today I got lucky though, Ellen’s kindergarten had a xmas decoration day and she got all decorated out. So I will share the stars we made with the grandparents that will decorate our tree, knowing that everybody will be there in spirit…

  • paper
  • scissors
  • pens
  • thread

On the internet I found a way to cut a 5 point star using only one snip of the scissors. Take an A4 piece of paper. Fold it in half (1) and then again. Open the last fold. Take one point of the closed side of the folded A4 and bring it to the opposite side where the opened fold line is (2). Bring the same point back and fold it from the middle along the last fold you made (3).day-1-star-snowflake-cuttin Turn your piece of paper around. Fold the other closed corner over to have the new fold line up with the underneath lying fold (4). Then fold the last point back (5). Now cut from the highest point where all papers are on top of each other down on an angle.

Now fold open your star and decorate it. That is if you want to make grandma’s version. For Ellen’s version make a little slit with your scissors in the point on the folded side. After she did that she took a piece of colourful thread and thread it through the slits. For my version make decorative cuts in the star as you would making a snowflake or paper lace. We had a lot fun making several stars. Ellen did her own folding only having to be reminded what the next fold was and for her cutting I drew a line… day-1-star-snowflake-cutti2


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