2 Craft: Day 3 Cereal Box No Glue Angel

day-3-no-glue-angel-1 (1)I have always loved this little angel, that I have been making since I was very little. You can make it from all kinds of paper, but to make it last with my little girls I looked for something a bit sturdier. Being somebody that likes the look of repurposed or recycled items and because it is readily available in most houses I looked towards cardboard packaging. We all like our cereals and we used the boxes for these cute little angels.

TIP: I have used these angels as Christmas cards as well. You will be sending a little present that can hang in a loved ones tree year after year, at least some of my friends still have mine.

  • cereal box
  • pen
  • old cd for circle template
  • scissors
  • piece of thread

We opened up the cereal box to have a flat surface and to be able to draw on the back side. With the used an old cd to draw day-3-no-glue-angel-2around and make a perfect circle. You can use the little circle in the middle of the cd as well, but I feel that the head of the angel should be a bit bigger. Find something that fits for you, we found the lid of the glue stick worked. Then draw a straight line from the small circle to the edge of the big circle and on 90 degrees on each side half a line. One from the little circle out, the other from the big circle in (2). Cut all the lines, but make sure the head stays attached. Roll the cardboard a bit and then slide the two half cuts into each other. Here is your angel.

As Ellen can cut nicely, cutting the head is still a bit tricky. Her angel thus has a pretty hairdo. One I am jealous of… day-3-no-glue-angel-3


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