2 Craft: Day 6 Wrap a Present

day-6--wrap-a-present-1This advent calendar; making a Christmas decoration every day get met with mixed enthusiasm. Some times the ladies are very enthusiastic and can’t stop making. Other days, other things are more important and I get a minute of their time. Or it is all about cooperation, as was today. We decided to wrap some small blocks of wood in wrapping paper, to hang in our tree.

  • wrapping paper
  • sticky tape we used washi tape
  • blocks of wood
  • scissors
  • ribbon

Wrapping a bit of wood in wrapping paper as a decoration in a tree is not a hard thin to do, but as I said we worked together and that made it a bit more interesting. The youngest loves cutting and Ellen loves sticky tape, so the jobs were easily divided. But getting an almost 3-year-old to cut a straight line is quite a task (and didn’t work). Ellen has never wrapped a present, but she did quite a good job. Perhaps she can help me wrapping up the rest of the real presents….day-6--wrap-a-present-2


2 thoughts on “2 Craft: Day 6 Wrap a Present

  1. Great idea. I wish I’d been following this blog when my kids were little. 😦 Still, I can enjoy the fun vicariously. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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