2 Craft: Day 7 Lacy Baubles

day-7-lacy-baubles-1When we are at Bunnings Ellen makes a b-line for the paint colour swatches and her sister is now following her lead. But what do you do with these squares of colour. I have seen plenty of cute Christmas decorations with the three or five colour swatches. Well with the help of some left over pieces of lace we made some pretty lacy baubles. As it happens on our last visit the girls picked golds and pinks, perfect for this project.

  • paint swatches
  • left over lace
  • glue
  • glass
  • pen
  • scissors
  • hole punchday-7-lacy-baubles-2

We used a glass to draw a circle shape on the back of our square shaped paint swatch and cut the circle out. With a hole punch we made a hole at the top of the circle. Then the fun started. From a pile of lace cut offs we got to decorate the patches of colour. Ellen loves pretty things and lace is one of them. She was very happy with the result.day-7-lacy-baubles-3


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