2 Craft: Day 10 Love Hearts

day-10-love-hearts-1I think one of Ellen’s favourite shapes is a love heart. And as we have learned from our Edwardian advent calendar almost anything can be hung in a Christmas tree as an ornament. First I thought I just let Ellen cut a bunch of yellow love hearts, as to her they mean friendship and love, but somehow that didn’t seem enough. So we ended up making two coloured paper lace love hearts.

  • coloured paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • hole punch
  • thread

Take two pieces of coloured paper, two different colours and fold them in half. While they are folded together cut out a half a loveday-10-love-hearts-2 heart shape on the folded side. Now you have two identical love hearts. I offered Ellen to pre-draw the half a love heart on her folded paper, but she insisted she could do it free hand. And she did, quite well.

Take one of the coloured love hearts and fold it twice. On the folded side cut out shapes. Open one fold and cut some more shapes in the middle. Now glue the other heart behind the lacy heart. At a certain point Ellen cut through one of her hearts and as she initially felt disappointed, she soon recovered and decided that her other love heart would have a little skirt.

With a hole punch cut a hole in the love heart to put a bit of thread through to hang your heart. Our tree now is full of colourful love.day-10-love-hearts-3


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