2 Craft: Day 11 Finger Knitted Garland

day-11-finger-knitg1Our Christmas tree is filling up nicely, but something we are missing is a pretty garland. I wanted to do something a bit different and thinking of the knitted Nordic baubles that were a hit last Christmas it hit me that Ellen could finger knit our garland. We found some suitable thread and know she is making her longest finger knit ever. Besides hers we have a finger knitted garland of me and when my mother was here, she French knitted a long rope that is also adorning our happy and colourful Christmas tree.

  • wool/thread
  • scissors
  • handday-11-finger-knitg2

We learned how to finger knit from a you tube video, so I am going to send you there to learn how to do it too as they are better then any way I could explain it. As we are going to a period with quite a bit of rain (and storms) we are spending a bit more time inside. The girls also get to watch a bit more TV, but with this finger knitting I am trying to educate Ellen about the fact that you do not just have to passively have to look into the box. She is finger knitting while watching. Okay it doesn’t go as fast as if she were to concentrate, but I am happy I am getting the concept across… Her garland isn’t finished yet, but soon it will be up in the tree.

Tip for keeping the project save while it is of the fingers, put it on a piece of rod or a knitting needle. day-11-finger-knitg3


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