2 Craft: Day 15 A Choir of Rainbow Angels

day-15-a-choir-of-angel1 day-15-a-choir-of-angel2Today’s craft is totally inspired by the angels we made at Kindergarten. A triangle shape a circle shape and a half a circle doily. The last bit I did not have in the proper size and I liked the challenge of trying to get the angel out of one A4 size of paper. While working at the kitchen table the girls came to see what I was doing and it didn’t take long for Ellen to say she wanted to make one too. As I have a stack of coloured paper I asked Ellen what colour she wanted. Guess what, she wanted pink. The younger however came up with a much more compelling suggestion; all the colours of the rainbow. So we set of to make a choir of rainbow angels.

  • paper A4
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pen

Take an A4 piece of paper and fold it in half over the long way. Open it up again and fold a line from the middle day-15-a-choir-of-angel3(that you just found by folding the piece in half) and the opposite corner. This was the hardest bit for Ellen, but when I explained that it was similar to folding a paper airplane she got it. Also the folds do not have to be as precise as with origami, we are just trying to get a triangle for the angels dress. Open it up and repeat on the other side. Now cut of the folded pieces. Create another cutting line by folding the wide part of the triangle about 1/3 up and cut it of. (See the photo’s for the different parts we need.) Take the bottom part of the triangle and fold it in half. Draw on some “fingers” and cut these as well to make the wings. Cut a circle out of the left over pieces of coloured paper. To assemble stick the circle at the top of the triangle and the wings just underneath on the other side of the triangle. All that is left to do is draw the face and optional the arms.

We had made all the colours of the rainbow and took some pictures. Then Ellen decided that one of her angels had to go next door and her sister kidnapped some more…. We ended up with a smaller, but beautiful choir.day-15-a-choir-of-angel4


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