2 Craft: Day 17 Bottle Bracelet and Diorama

day-17-bottle-bracelet-2I have quite a stack of craft books, new ones and second hand ones. A lot are about kids crafts and the girls can freely look through their “own” stack. Ellen happened to do that this morning and was adamant that she was going to make a bracelet out of a plastic bottle. So for her today no Christmas decoration, but a Christmas present for herself. While I had a rummage in my shed for a plastic bottle I realised I could use the same ring she was going to wear around her wrist, for a “diorama” bauble.

  • small plastic water bottle
  • scissors
  • aluminium foil
  • foam decoration shapes
  • glue
  • coloured paper
  • double sided foam sticky tape
  • pen

day-17-bottle-bracelet-3Cut a ring out of the water bottle. A small .5 litre water bottle is big enough for a 4-year-old, but if you make a bracelet for an adult, you might want to use a bigger bottle. Tear strips of aluminium foil and wrap them around the plastic circle, glue in place where necessary.

Here is where Ellen and I parted ways. She got to decorate the outside of her bracelet with foam shapes and glue. I on the other hand took some coloured paper and drew a circle as big as the plastic bottle one to use as a background. On two other colours I drew a little Christmas/winter scene. These shapes I cut out and with the help of double sided foam sticky tape I glued them down with various depth. Meaning one would just me glued on, the other would have one deep foam sticky and yet another two deep. Then I glued the aluminium foil ring on top of the background with scene…. day-17-bottle-bracelet-4


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