Day 18: Presents for Makers

day-18-mystery-making-box-1Ellen and I are lucky. Ever since we started this blog we get craft stuff given to us. This way we can enjoy making with al sorts of different things. Not everybody is that lucky, but we would like them to be. So I have made some mystery making boxes for some lucky young people. Now we could have gotten the stuff at the dollar store or make the box for something specific like a pirate or a fairy. These are by the way very valid options and good gifts too. But I went to my favourite store Reverse Garbage, which on the day wasn’t Ellen’s favourite store as she was not feeling well, and picked some not so obvious crafting materials. Together with some of our own craft stash they can become whatever the receiver would like it to become. Let the imagining and making begin… day-18-mystery-making-box-2


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