2 Craft Day 22 Cookies and Ornaments

day-22-cookie-cutter-co1Ellen wants to make a snow globe. We have a jar, but we don’t have an ornament to put in the “snow”. We go over the different materials ornaments can be made of and what effect water has on them. It should be either stone or plastic. I suggest we make our own with air drying clay. In the shop where we found the air drying clay, we also found half price Christmas cookie cutters. It seemed like a good idea to use the cutters to make the ornament for the snow globe. We did use the cutters on the clay, but Ellen decided she was alsoday-22-cookie-cutter-co2 making a free form for the snow globe, that had to thoroughly dry. What to do with all the other ornaments…

After using the cookie cutters on the clay we washed them very well. Then we took 2 sheets of puff pastry and cut some more cookies. Oven on 200 Celcius to day-22-cookie-cutter-co3warm up. After putting the cookie cut outs on an oven tray, we sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon. Just the smell brings Christmas into the house. They went into the oven for 12 min.

While waiting the girls painted the air drying clay ornaments (that dried over night). Main colour choice green and gold.

The finished cookies were wrapped up in a cup cake casing and some cellophane. With a label and a painted ornament tied to it, they made some cute giveaways…day-22-cookie-cutter-co4


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