2 Craft Mystery Making Box

mystery-making-box-1It is raining in Brisbane. Not a short heavy burst of rain, but a steady drenching rain that makes playing outside impossible. Luckily Christmas has brought all kinds of new and interesting things, amongst which a mystery making box for Ellen (luckily I had been smart enough to make one for her as well). She had been asking to play with it before, but there was always something else to be done. Not today though. Besides her box of mystery objects, some mosaic tiles, cotton, sticky back plastic, a block of wood, champagne corks I gave her her scissors, pens and some PVA glue. She then had free reign.mystery-making-box-3

The mosaic tiles were a great hit as I expected. It took her a bit of fiddling though before she could decide what to do. But when her imagination kicked in she was of. Earlier we had made an “ice” palace from some of the boxes of the Christmas presents and some toilet rolls and now she was making a mosaic table and champagne cork people. While making them role playing with the cork people and making new ones where needed. It was great to watch.

Now she has given me the box back and has asked me to fill it again…. So we might be revisiting the Mystery Making Box.mystery-making-box-4


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