Mama Creates 2: Kids Workshop

With only one day to go in the old year I need to focus my attention to 2015. My first workshop is already planned at Bowerbird in Oxley. During the school holidays in Australia we decided on a screen print workshop for 8-12 year old kids. They get to screen print their own t-shirt. But as I have learned giving people free range in the design process leads to long thinking processes and perhaps not always the result the person expected. That is why I have given the workshop a theme; “We are going to the beach.” I will also provide a number of stencil ideas.

So today I have been scanning the pictures I have been sketching over the past couple of days to make compositions, bigger and smaller images. I have ice creams and seahorses, beach huts and fishes, sand castles and shells. If you can come up with some original ideas I am all ears…. 141210-flyer-january-worksh

Oh and if you are in the Brisbane area feel free to book your spot, there are still a few left….


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