Mama creates 2: Planning 2015

150107-impressions-instagr4 My resolution for 2015 is making Renate and the Ant House thrive. And that according to all business books means you need to plan. I have finally started to accept this and am using Create and Thrive’s 30 Questions #CT30Q as my lead. It helps having to write a plan only one question a day. It is also confronting and making me express my biggest fears, liberating as I am finally admitting to them to myself and to my husband. I have not yet been brave enough to share them on social media.

Next to doing that I am working on my crafts and workshop ideas in my new workspace, that my husband so kindly put together for me. It feels wonderful working on all aspects and soon I hope to share more with you but for now this is all as I spend enough time behind this tool. Here are some impressions, that I have posted on my Instagram account @renateandtheanthouse….150107-impressions-instagr2 150107-impressions-instagr3 150107-impressions-instagra


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