2 Craft with Friends

150111-2-craft-with-fr1In Australia we have the summer holidays. Our children are home till the end of the month. The first half of the holidays are exciting. All the preparations for Christmas make that the time flies. After New Year though, mums have to start to pull out the stops. There are a lot of things organised by museums, sports organisations and churches, but there is nothing better then playing and crafting with friends. As we have a nice big garden and plenty of crafty goodies, we invited our friends over.

As Ellen had had fun making cork people, I made sure there were plenty of corks (from Reverse Garbage) and boxes, so they could make a whole village of people. I had also told everybody that nobody had to craft and it was a free space, as there is nothing worse as having to do something you don’t want to, especially in the holidays.

The table with crafty goodies though was constantly occupied. First by the girls, but after a while also by the boys. Every now and again I would wonder over or an other mum would to help and to see what they were making. It was great to see what they came up with and how they used what was made in their other play. If you have the space I can highly recommend it, have a look…

cork person

cork person

car or train

car or train




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