2 Craft at the Museum and State Library

150112-wild-thingsWe have been to the city. In the school holidays there are numerous free events on. The weather didn’t look great, so I showed Ellen some pictures of the obliteration room in GoMA Brisbane and of to the spotty, dotty room we went. But it wasn’t the only thing we saw.

First the obliteration room, a white room designed by Yayoi Kusama, where you are allowed to stick round coloured stickers where ever you want. Joy oh joy for my kids that don’t get to play with stickers that often, but the fun after the stickers were gone, was also quickly gone. On to the next adventure.

Above the obliteration room at the GoMA war fantasy land. There were computers 150112-wild-things2set up with a program to make your own fantasy land. Inspiration was given by a fantasy movie and little landscapes made by glitter and flowers and pretty things in soft colours. Ellen loved making her own make believe land, but there were other children waiting and I was getting hungry. She did get a fair chance to built her land, but for her it wasn’t long enough.

After a snack and a drink we wondered over to the State Library and were treated to “Where the Wild Things are.” the famous book by Maurice Sendak. We made the crown that Max wore and listen to a bunch of monster stories. It was a wonderful day and I want to say thank you to the State Library as Ellen wants a unicorn birthday party and now I at least have one idea for it….. 150112-wild-things3


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