2 Craft a Bubble Blower

150119-bubbel-blower1I associate Australia day with water play, it is after all high summer here. While looking for ideas for pool toys and thinking about something with ice to share with you, I stumbled upon this bubble blower. It was so simple to make, we just had to try it to see if it was as cool as the pictures made it out to be. And after trying it we simply had to share.150119-bubbel-blower2

  • small plastic bottle
  • old sock
  • scissors
  • rubber bands

For bubbles

  • container
  • dishwashing liquid
  • water
  • optional: food colouring

Take your bottle and cut of the bottom. Cut the foot of your sock and pull it over the bottom of the bottle. Secure the sock with rubber bands. Your bubble blower is ready.

In a container mix some dishwashing liquid and water. Put the socked bottle in and blow at the drinking end of the bottle. Snakes of bubbles will come out. If you put some food colouring on the sock you will get coloured bubbles. So for Australia day I suggest stocking up on some red and blue. My daughters had hours of fun together with the neighbours, including the adults….150119-bubbel-blower3


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