Mama Creates 2 Block Print Cards on Etsy

Lots of things are happening and that feels good. It is like having made the decision to work at 2015 has propelled all kinds of things. Thank you #CT30Q and #ThrivingArtist for being there.

150117-summer-workshop3First a successful workshop last Saturday. 8 Kids came to Bowerbird_Impulsive Necessities to screen print their own t-shirt. We had a great time and some wonderful results. They had lots of questions, but at certain times it was so quiet, because they were busy designing or concentrating on cutting their stencil. It was great to see.

Today I finally got around to publish my block print cards on Etsy. I find it hard to think of the right descriptions and tags, but hopefully all that will be explained to me soon when the EtsyResolution starts. So be prepared for an overhaul and a new impression on my Etsy site. For now though have a look at my cute circle and love heart cards. There will be an addition of multiples soon. heart-and-card2


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