Sketchbooking: Watercolour Circles with Pen Details

Normally I publish our Sketchbooking efforts on Thursdays, but tomorrow I want to tell you about a special project Ellen has initiated. I am praying the weather works with us.

So today the results of sketchbooking. These are inspired by one of the mentors on the #ThrivingArtist summit Lisa Congdon. While listening to her I was browsing her blog “Today is going to be awesome” and came across a sketchbook entry from her with watercoloured circles filled in with black pen details. I thought Ellen would really like this, especially since she got watercolours for Christmas. And yes she was excited about using those, the other part she was not so sure about. So in the end I let her paint what she wanted, but she had to fill in the details with a black pen. Funnily enough later she decided outside of her sketchbook to paint circles and draw details with pens. I have also enjoyed the process, the results of those you can find on my Instagram @renateandtheanthouse.








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