Ellens Yellow Heart

jpeg-yellow-heart-cardLast year Ellen cut a love heart out of yellow paper and told me she wanted to go outside with it. I asked her why? She told me she wanted to put the yellow heart in the wind to let the person who would find it know that there is somebody that loves them. I thought that was a beautiful thought, but told her that it would probably not work the way she envisioned it. I did post a message on Facebook of her and the yellow love heart.

In the back of head though I wanted to do something with her beautiful thought. After all the horrible news over the past months I find it time to counter act even if it is just a small gesture.

Today we made that happen. I had kept her yellow heart, scanned it and designed a card with her message. We have invited some of her friends and we organised yellow helium filled balloons. All the kids got to write their names on the card. The card also has a request to leave a message on our Facebook page on it. The Facebook page is Yellow Hearts the http://facebook.com/EllensYellowHeart. Join us to see if there is any response or leave a message for Ellen and her friends.

The cards were attached to the balloons and we let them go up in the air for people to find and receive a bit of love.

yellow balloons

yellow balloons

friends that joined us

friends that joined us

have a good flight

have a good flight


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