2 Craft a Cup or a Desk Tidy

150201-cup-making-1Remember the bubble blower we made for Australia day. The girls had and are still having lots of fun with that. But me being me, I started playing with the other end of the bottle. A perfect little cup for, for example, water for painting sessions or decorate it and you can put one of those battery operated tea lights in it. Ellen decided it was perfect to keep her jewellery in. I ended up decorating some with tissue paper to 150201-cup-making-2make a desk tidy.

  • small plastic bottles
  • scissors
  • decorative tape
  • sharpies

My desk tidy

  • pva glue
  • tissue paper

Cut off the bottom half of the plastic bottle. You can cut it of at different heights for different reasons. With sharpies you can draw dots or stripes on the plastic. Decorative tape can be used as well.

For my desk tidy I cut several strips of tissue paper. I watered down the pva glue aprox. 50-50 and papered the cup from the outside. It feels good to waist nothing….  150201-cup-making-3

P.S. If you have read about Ellen’s Yellow Heart project and you would like to send somebody who needs it a bit of love you can get a free PDF version of the card. Send me an email at renatejacobi@hotmail.com


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