Confessions of a Mumpreneur

As soon as I promised to work through my Etsy Resolution, guess what, our computer crashed. Now I hear everybody thinking sure “the dog ate your homework….” Oh well, if that is what you want to think, then who am I to stop you as long as I know it is true. Needless to say that there isn’t a lot that has changed in my Etsy store, but I did get through some of the reading that needed to be done, once we had a new working computer. Thanks to my lovely neighbour and her brother in law the old computer is working again as well, which is great, because my product photos are on there.

Luckily my phone was still working and I received my emails. This way I could secure a new place to give a screen printing @ home workshop. Yes, on April 11 I will be teaching at the Annerly Hub. If you are in Brisbane you can sign up through Eventbrite. I also scheduled the workshops I will be giving at Bowerbird. Now I have to make sure they get filled up.

The other thing I have been working on is how to tie my different products together. You have met my new friends, but I also make cards and I think I have figured out what to do. I will cut little friends to make a small stencil and a block print with them, but first the Etsy resolution has to be finished so my shop looks snappy, because at the moment it is pretty empty….heart-and-card2


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