2 Craft: Dafodill Egg Cup

150328-daffodil-egg-cup1I can’t believe it is almost Easter. The first semester of this year has flown past. But here it is Easter and it is high time we start our preparations.

I always associate Easter with Spring, I guess that is the Dutch person in me. And Spring is represented by flowers. As Ellen loves (next to pink) yellow I made her a quick daffodil egg cup.150328-daffodil-egg-cup2

  • yellow A4 paper
  • egg box
  • yellow paint or markers
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencil and eraser (optional)

Fold the yellow A4 paper following the first picture. Then cut along the drawn line on the last fold example in the picture. If you feel confident do it free hand, otherwise use a pencil so you can remove the line. When you open the folded part you have the petals of the daffodil.

150328-daffodil-egg-cup3Now take the egg box and cut out one of the egg cups. Colour the egg cup with paint or markers. When dry stick it in the centre of your petals. This is the daffodils trumpet and fits your egg.

I have always loved these because they bring sunshine to your Easter breakfast and lets be honest the weather is not always sunny with Easter…150328-daffodil-egg-cup4


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