Confessions of a Mumpreneur

logo-spoonfl-blSo I have put some new items on my Etsy site. I have updated my about page and I have asked for feedback and have had some. Not all positive but the general vibe is positive. Now what though, besides putting on some extra items and telling everybody that wants to hear about those. How am I going to generate traffic to my Etsy site. This is my conundrum.

My research is bringing me to marketing articles for introverts. I will have to write a marketing plan, that will suit my personality. I am not an easy seller, I am not somebody that will talk somebody into buying something of me. I will tell everybody that I love what I am doing and I am also really proud of what I make. But it has been only recently that I have started to reply a compliment on one of my products with: “Thank you I have made that.”

This week I’ll be reading more about marketing for introverts and hopefully next week I will have some strategies that I am going to try.


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