2 Craft: Eggs from Air Drying Clay

150327-air-drying-clay-eggsThe weather has been horrible in Brisbane. Luckily I had already bought air drying clay. So the girls sat down to make some clay eggs for decoration. Easter is all about eggs it feels like this year.

  • air drying clay
  • bamboo skewer
  • egg template
  • pasta, stamps, bamboo skewer, etc for decorating
  • ribbon
  • paint (optional)
  • baking paper

As we were working inside I first gave the girls a sheet of baking paper to keep 150328-air-drying-clay-eggsthe table clean. Then they got a piece of air drying clay that they kneaded and flattened. The 3-year-old needed a bit of help with the egg making process (the decorating was no problem).

I had some old decorating templates of eggs lying around that we used to put on the clay to draw around, but you could make your own from paper or cardboard. We used the bamboo skewer to draw deeper and deeper lines so eventually the egg came free. Then with the same skewer put a hole in the top to put a ribbon through once the clay is dry. (so make sure it is big enough, I had to re do some of Ellen’s)

Then they got to push objects into the clay. Ellen’s favourite, her letter E….

150329-airdrying-clay-eggs-After the eggs are dry you can paint them as well, then a pretty ribbon and bob is your uncle.


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