Confessions of a Mumpreneur: promoting my business

IMG_4089Yes, I took yesterday evening of from thinking. I think a break does a person good, but it really wasn’t a break as your brain or at least mine never really stops. It was nice though to know that I didn’t have to write the blog about what I am going to do to promote my business. But a promise is a promise and I will attempt to tell you what has been going through my head.

I have been reading a lot of bits and pieces on this subject from all over the net. Even this morning on Facebook there was an article from A beautiful mess about self promoting without being annoying. All of them mention starting a newsletter or at least start an email list so you have permission to send people information from yourself and your company. I would like your feedback on this, on what would be relevant for you to hear.

Other things that I will be working on are a t-shirt to wear to gatherings and workshops I am giving (Next one this Saturday at the Annerly Hub. Bookings through Handmade High Street and Eventbrite).

I will be making cards with my daughters to leave at cafe’s with my details, but mainly for some cheer150405 and to give something to send on. This also fits with Ellen’s Yellow Hearts.

And another often mentioned way is to find cooperation with other bloggers and creative people. I am working on some ideas that will hopefully soon take shape on this blog.

What have I already done? Keep on adding products to Etsy and started to meet with the creative gifts stall for Ellen’s school fete. Today I printed some lovely pineapples on donated napkins and aprons. It is nice to contribute, but it was even nicer to meet handmade loving people. I just have to watch myself not to get distracted too much from my own path…

Keep in touch and let me know what you think…


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