Confessions of a Mumpreneur: Time

IMG_4101Aaaah, a week has gone and flown by. I was hoping to do a lot of crafts with Ellen and get on with promoting my business. I have been busy. Ellen has helped making cards and I have managed to leave some to be found. Most of my time though has been taken by the kids and some of it preparing for the workshop I gave yesterday.

And I have realised yet again that I really enjoy teaching others. Something to give serious thought, while getting on with my Etsy site.

This week I hope to contact some of my fellow Etsy Resolution participants and then do a series here on their progress. Thus introducing you to some great people that are struggling the same struggle as me; getting our passion out there.

I will leave some more cards and start promoting my next workshop at Bowerbird. Yep that is where I will be teaching next month and the Annerly Hub has asked me back as well.

Now a question for you. Should I change the name of my blog to my business name or not?


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