Confessions of a Mumpreneur: Etsy Resolution

IMG_4174At the start of the year I signed up to do the Etsy Resolution in the hope to really get going with my shop. They were wonderful and offered good assignments to get organised. There was one problem I got sick and feel I have missed the boat on make valuable connections with some of the other starters. To rectify that I am doing them an offer.

On this blog I will, if they want, talk about their site and let them tell what is the best advice they received as a start up Etsy store.

Through the Resolution Facebook site I have invited all of them and the same letter is send to them through their personal Facebook site. Now we have to see who will respond. I will start with myself and there is already one store named Raven and Wren selling beautiful jewelry ready for some exposure. I really am looking forward to learning more about my fellow starters.

Other than that the t-shirts have an ant and will receive some lettering on Tuesday. Some more free cards have been distributed and new ones are in the making. I hope they will bring a smile to some faces.

Now I want to start to focus on a website for my company, so I have a place to promote my company as a whole and my workshops. Any tips are welcome…


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