EtsyResolution: Renate & the Ant House

First of course some shameless self promotion, but also a way to show what to expect from the series. Although I will be a lot nicer to others then to myself, because that is unfortunately for me the nature of the beast.

Renate & the Ant House 

dinosaur fairy handbag by renate and the ant house

dinosaur fairy handbag by renate and the ant house

Renate & the Ant House sells hand screen printed and block printed cards and accessories, that have paper mache details, made in Renate’s workshop in Brisbane. She is inspired by her children’s drawings and fantasies and hopes to make these into products that adults appreciate. The whimsical designs are meant to bring a smile to the faces of people that see them and or use them.

What I like about the store? Is my aim for smiles.

What I think I could improve? The lighting on my photography is still of and thus my pictures do not present a uniform shop. I will have to start using my portable studio more instead of relying on natural light at different times of the day. Some of my photo’s pop and others just feel flat.

I also feel that I have to create a story around the characters I have created, to make them speak to my customers more. Let me know what you think about this point.

I could continue, but I won’t let myself down to much as I am happy with dinosaur fairy, unicorn kitty and mermaid mouse.

As for the best advice I have had as a start-up. Keep going, keep experimenting, because successful people are the people who haven’t given up.

You can find my store here:

Tomorrow: Raven and Wren 


2 thoughts on “EtsyResolution: Renate & the Ant House

  1. Yup! A hiccup or a barrier, a failure or a mistake, whatever we want to call it, is only an opportunity to learn and move forward. I do love dinosaur fairy, since so many girls, even grown ups, love dinosaurs, and the mass produced ‘dinosaur market’ seems to be aimed at mostly boys. A little tag with her name and maybe some of her characteristics such as favorite things etc., would be a nice ‘add on’ with the product. I’ve purchased Teddy Bears in the past, just because of the character description on the attached tag resembled something I like in relation to the person I was buying it for. Loving your work Renate !

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