Etsy Resolution: Raven and Wren

RavenandWren-LogoRaven and Wren is a jewellery store owned by a globe trotting girl, that has found her passion. Her designs are simple and nature inspired.


happy pendant by raven and wren

What I like? Her photography is amazing I think. The tones of the wood really give the silver jewellery a feeling of luxury. I also love her logo.

What I think could be improved? She only has two or three photo’s for each piece where there are five spots. She would also like to replace the scale photo, with something more glamorous, but is lost for ideas. Can anybody help?


leaf pendant by raven and wren

As for her about page I would like to know where her name comes from, more then that her studio is messy, but that might be personal.

I asked her for the best advice she has received as a start-up, but then the storms hit NSW. I didn’t get a reply and her Etsy store mentions the storms. So I assume she is busy otherwise. Via this way, I hope all is well. If I receive a reply I will let you all know.

To visit Raven and Wren follow this link:

Tomorrow: Crafting Emotion


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