Etsy Resolution: Crafting Emotion

Crafting-Emotion-LogoAndra from Crafting Emotion has a mission. She wants to help people to express their feelings and connect with others through her products. Words, messages and images are expertly arranged on her range of cards and labels.

Crafting-Emotion-LabelsWhat I like? I like her philosophy and how she is trying to accomplish that with small tokens and messages.

What I think could be improved? A very comprehensive store with a very clear style. I am still wondering if every card is unique and ones it is gone it is gone or if you can order the card when you need it?

For Andra the following advice was most precious. “The best advice I have received as a start up so far is … “The Best Way to Succeed in Business is to be in Business”.

We learn from our success and failures equally, and if we aren’t ‘doing’ it, how can we possibly learn?  We can

greeting card by crafting emotion

greeting card by crafting emotion

research online day and night about how to start up a small business, a craft business, how to succeed in business etc., but you need to be ‘in business’ to really understand and eventually succeed.  This is what led me to finally take the leap and open my Etsy store.  I learn every day, what’s working, what’s not working, and so therefore, my business is improving on a daily basis.

You can find Crafting Emotion here:

Tomorrow: Coastal Fushion


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