Etsy Resolution: Coastal Fusion

Coastal-Fusion-LogoCoastal Fusion is a wealth of products to make your home feel like it is touched by the ocean. Get inspired and calm through the products of Tarnya.

sea scape candle by coastal fushion

sea scape candle by coastal fusion

What I like? When I look at this site I feel like I am on a tropical holiday, that in itself relaxes me already. There is also a nice variety that caters for people that like the simple style like me, but also for the more ornate.

What I think could be improved? I tried finding Tarnya’s store through the regular search in Etsy and the store did not come up. Luckily I had the proper http address, but finding Coastal Fusion was a hard task and I am not sure how you can fix that. Tarnya also runs her own site that promptly shows up on google.

number holder by coastal fushion

number holder by coastal fusion

Tarnya has been very generous with her advice, that she got both from her mum and dad. Things we all kind of know but are very valuable to hear over and over again;

  • Never compromise on your talent.  If somebody asks you to create something for them that you wouldn’t be proud to say you made it, don’t make it.  The money isn’t worth it.
  • Remember it’s going to take time to find your feet in the market.
  • Keep yourself open to putting your craft on assignment but always keep an eye of who you are consigning your work to
  • It’s less work to go broke fishing than it is working for nothing — always make sure you are making a profit.
  • The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary
  • A mistake is only a mistake once it leaves the office — always check your work

You can find Coastal Fushion: or

Tomorrow: Ever Graceful Gifts


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