Etsy Resolution: Samelle Candles

Samelle-Candles-LogoThe fun of looking at all these different shops is that you learn a lot of new things. I for example was unaware that

candle by samelle candles

candle by samelle candles

there are candles that have wooden wicks, until I looked at Samelle Candles. Sam’s scented candles give you the added feeling of a crackling noise of a campfire. And that would make my senses really happy.

What I like? A very clear brand and a short and concise about page.

What I think could be improved? The photo’s are clear and show the product well, but they are a bit boring and do not show the feeling of relaxing at a campfire. I

tealights by samelle candles

tealights by samelle candles

think there should be a better way to convey the emotion that goes with the candles.

The best advice Sam has received as a start up is to rise above the anxiety and be confident with your product in order to sell it.
You can find Samelle here:
Tomorrow: Me and Zebedee

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