Etsy Resolution: Mia View

iusb_760x100.15108412_g97dJust in time for Mother’s Day, we get to look at Mia View. NeNi makes jewelry from Perspex, that is reminiscent of Alice in

brooch by mia view

brooch by mia view


What I like? I love the happy whimsical designs, even though as a mum they might not always be practical. NeNi definitely found her own style.

What I think could be improved? I am missing some more information on ring sizes. There is a clear product group for size 7 fingers, unfortunately for me, my fingers are bigger. Oh, and the link to product care doesn’t work everywhere, which should be easily fixed.

ear rings by mia view

ear rings by mia view

The best advice NeNi has received was to enjoy creating without thinking on selling immediately. “If I love what I do for sure someone else is going to like it. I am my first costumer always.”

You can find Mia View’s jewelry here:

These were the first 10 Etsy reviews, from now on I will make it a weekly affaire. There are still some shops waiting, but if you read this and you would like to be part of the series feel free to contact me on This also goes for none Etsy stores.

Next Week: Beyond The Picket Fence


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