Mama Creates 2: Ikea Hacks

Through all the promotion on the web for Etsy Resolution stores and my own, it seems I haven’t been printing for myself. This is not true. I have actually had a chance to make some things for the house, that had been lying around. Three of these you can call Ikea hacks, as I have printed on products bought at Ikea that could use some sprucing up.

First a duvet for the kids got embellished with some dog prints.

Napkins donated for the school fete received a pineapple make over. I am proud to say they all sold out.

And a cushion cover is now making our new sofa just that little bit better.

I love it that with screen printing you can easily customize your belongings. If you want to do that too and you live in Brisbane, come and join me on one of my workshops. The first one is this coming Saturday at Bowerbird in Oxley. If you want more info let me know!

doggy duvet cover pineapple napkins cushion cover with cityscape


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