Confessions of a Mumpreneur: What next

screen prints by 8-year-oldI have been working hard to get traffic to my Etsy store, but it hasn’t resulted in sales yet and that always makes me doubt. I love what I make, but I obviously haven’t found my market yet. Writing the Etsy Resolution pieces though has made me look at other stores more closely and I have gotten the best advice of others to add to my collection. One of them really stood out to me and that was the one from Mia View. “I am my own customer first.”

Don’t get me wrong I love the things I make, but I am not a person that will change her bag every day to fit her outfit. And I should send a lot more cards. So what would I buy, where does my money go. That answer would be home décor. I remember seeing a programme where a woman screen printed on furniture and I loved it. I wanted to do that too. Moreover, Bowerbird, the store in Oxley where I teach is looking into more home décor suppliers. In short I have a lot more experimenting to do to find my niche, my customer, but I am hopeful. As one of the other advices tells you that you have to keep on trying.

The teaching is another branch of my capabilities, that I really enjoy and that I am looking to expand. I love showing people what they can do and what they can create. Last Saturday was a lot of fun and the next one is coming up on the 30th. It will be another great morning in which I will be inspired by all the great ideas my students come up with.


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