Etsy Resolution: Trinket Store

trinketstore3The Trinket Store sells beautiful simple jewellery. Medallion shaped necklaces with textured images and earrings

necklaces by trinket store

necklaces by trinket store

that complement these. Clare sells through markets and Big Cartel. She is in the process of opening up an Etsy store, but has trouble finding time with small children. This a lot of us can understand, I definitely can.

What I like? I do really like the Big Cartel platform, as I said before it gives the feeling of owning your own website and the pages are a lot calmer then the Etsy ones. I did at first though had to look for the products and it tool me a little while to realise I could just scroll down.

What I think could be improved? Clare has chosen to just put her products on the site. There is a contact button and a link to her Instagram, but there is no information about her or her process. The product description does make clear that her products are handmade, but the Etsy Resolution does teach us that customers of handmade products like to connect with the maker. I do think that is true as I get feedback from my customers, that say to me “I rather like knowing who made it”.

earrings by trinket store

earrings by trinket store

Clare didn’t really give me her best start up advice but did say this: ‘I did learn heaps from Etsy Resolution and I think it’s probably the best thing I’ve done to learn about running a small craft business.’ So if they run another one next year it will definitely worth your while.

You can find the Trinket Store here:

Next week: Pop Art Pet Paintings


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