Etsy Resolution: Pop Art Pet Paintings

iusb_760x100.15363466_n1bbPop Art Pet Paintings makes as the name clearly states paintings of pets in the style of pop art. Mainly dogs and cat paintings,

dog portrait by pop art pet paintings

dog portrait by pop art pet paintings

but there is also a bee. Amy’s passion is turning a beige rental environment into a colourful happy place to be. And all of this because of leftover materials from another project.

What I like? The happiness all the colours bring and the technique of not just using paint for the different colour surfaces.

What I think could be improved? Amy’s about page oozes enthusiasm and information. Wonderful, but perhaps a bit too much. Also more of a tip is offering pet portraits of peoples own pets as I think a lot of pet lovers would like that, after all she makes portraits of her own pet.

Amy answered the best advice question this way: ”I think the biggest piece of advice that has kept me going when I feel like I

cat portrait by pop art pet paintings

cat portrait by pop art pet paintings

want to give up is “When you start to ask yourself ‘why” in any way… ask instead ‘why not?’ “There have been several wording versions of this advice over the last five months… but they all end up at that same point. I keep thinking “What do I have to lose by doing this?” And the answer is always “nothing. Even if no one wants to buy this painting, I created something and in that process, I got to be happy”.”

You can find Pop Art Pet Paintings here

Next week: Raven & Wren’s missing start-up advice

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