Confessions of a Mumpreneur: Vision vs Mission

mission/vision boardI was starting my challenge of writing my business plan in 15 minutes a day positively. While my youngest child was having her after lunch quiet time, I would climb behind my laptop or pen to either do research or write. First part your business identity and first question, your reason for starting your business.

A lot of these are very personal, as being able to work from home and with a certain amount of flexibility. But while I am writing about these personal reasons it dawns on me that I have to write the why of “Renate and the Ant House.” And that is harder, because that is more unsure. I have a vision of what I would like it to be, but now I have to bring it down to;

1. Describe what your company does

2. Describe how your company does it

3. Add why your company does what it does

The long version helps you with your reason why I feel and if you manage to bring the answers down to 3 short sentences you have your mission, your direction for your company. And so far my story is still too long for me to share with you.mission/vision board

Next to writing I have resorted to another method of finding my mission; mood boarding. I like to think in pictures. It helped me to rip pictures and words and later edit them and stick them down. I say find a way that works for you to help your thoughts get focussed. Not everybody likes to express themselves in words.

Now my vision is elaborated and I haven’t put a time scale to it (so some people would call it a dream), but I have found in business literature, that you also need a vision for at least the next 5 years and write it down.

So, perhaps I need more then 15 minutes a day….


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