Confessions of a Mumpreneur: One Idea vs Multiples

When I decided to write my business plan I thought it wouldn’t be so hard. After all I have been doing different things for a while, I know what I like to do (printing, crafting, sharing) and what I do not, etc… I thought I just had to write that down and put some figures behind that to see if it was going to bring me money.

on the wall business planI am faced with my brain though. As soon as I write down one thing, other ideas pop up that entice me. It is like I create space in my head the minute I write something down. My person wants to do a variety of things. It is afraid when I write down one business plan, I will not be allowed to do all the other things, so it is fighting me or perhaps I should say undermine me.

Needless to say that I am still adjusting and rethinking my vision. So much so that I decided to take a big piece of paper and write everything that pops up down and see how it fits together. I have talked it through with my husband and told him that this was basically my business plan. He did like it, but it is hard to measure your progress this way.

On my research travels on the net I luckily am finding people that monoprint and embroiderystruggle with the same issue. Like that supports people with multiple interests and how they can integrate them all in their job. After all Leonardo da Vinci is considered a genius and not indecisive. Or with a business degree and the believe that she would be working for a multinational, now making her money as a freelance, blogger and project maker.

I am glad “to meet” them and feel that my business plan doesn’t need to be so tight and explanatory as I thought it should be. It is a guide and there is room for fun, because mama creates 2…


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