Mama Creates 2: Product development

screen print leaf patternYeeeeeh that sound posh: Product development, but lets face it all my playing around will have to amount to something. I have steered away from printing on fabric a little and have started printing on MDF. I love the result of white pattern on de kraft colour of MDF.

I also started to make paper with my girls of course I had to try and print on that. I amscreen printed arrow pattern very chuffed with the result. Now I am wondering if there is a marketĀ amongst the paper lovers and crafters or if I need to turn it in to a product. So putting my feelers out there, but let me know you opinion. one thing is for sure I will be framing just a piece for myself.

And then I have been working on my pasta machine mono print workshop (July 18 at Annerly HUB), which resulted in me looking over a whole bunch of old work. Some of the prints were not necessarily frame worthy, but they nevertheless had some great detail in them. I started playing around with craft techniques on and around them. really enjoying the process of this free work. Hopefully I will be able to exhibit these one day. Here just a mono print on hand pulled paper from embossed wallpaper that reminds me of Delft Blue. Hope you like it as much as I do…Delft Blue mono print


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