Confessions of a Mumpreneur: 15

There seems to be a running theme in 2015 for planning and organizing and it seems to be the number 15. Through the day plannerOrganized Artist we are asked to work on our main project for 15 minutes a day, preferably before we do anything else. That is hard if you have 2 little children that like to get up before dawn. So I have adjusted the last requirement. And now I read in an article that is going around on Facebook that successful people plan everything in their day in their day planner in 15 minute increments. No to do list, no they allocated time for everything that they need to do on a day.

I used to plan everything, until a friend told me, there is no room for spontaneity in your live. So I worked really hard to be more flexible and not live my life through a diary, which is nice. It sounds like the other side of the pendulum, though. I guess I have to reinstate an old habit for the days and evenings that are there for work. The things that need to be done need an allocated time, not just a to do list. Last week was a good start with planning what days are for, it seems to have worked week 1. Now I need to go into more detail, so the more tedious jobs also get done. Welcome back day planner.


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