Confessions of a Mumpreneur: Workshops

owl mono and screen printJust when everything starts to look like it is going somewhere, life throws you a curve ball. In my case laptops started to live their own lives, which meant my carefully thought out plan for post updates went out of the window. Hopefully now we are back up and running.

Now I am working on a workshop schedule for after our holidays. So far my workshops have been technique based. Talking to Kath from Handmade High Street, one of the people I work with, we came to the conclusion that an end product for a workshop may be more appropriate. Participants get to try a technique but go home with something tangible. Kath, just like me, is always trying to find what works. She even asks the question up front and even after getting response it is not a sure game. Let’s say we are building our workshop reputation and would love all the feedback we can get. In my next Mum creates 2 I will show you some ideas.mono print with craft technique

Then I have also decided to change the products in my Etsy store before we go away. I love what I have made so far, but I don’t feel it stands out or is what I would buy myself. As my background is in interior design I feel that my products should reflect that and they will. In time for Christmas selling.

There is a lot on my plate, but I feel really good about all of it, so here we go….


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