Confessions of a Mumpreneur: To Do List

important stuff planningSuccessful people plan every 15 minutes of their day….. They obviously have people taking care of their 2 little girls. The to do list is still very present in my existence. On my travels through reading up on tips how to get my business of the ground I have seen a different solution 1-3-5 list.

1 big thing

3 medium things

5 small things

I like the idea of this as it feels more obtainable then just one long to do listlist of fun and less fun stuff. Guess what will happen first. As my list before the holiday break in September is still long. I will try this method for a week and let you know how I get on.

For those who are wondering what is happening to my business plan. Well the steps on my to do list have to lead me to the missing steps in my business plan i.e. financial planning…


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