“I have to make. I have to do something with my hands.” According to my mother this is what I have said ever since I was a little girl.

My entire life I have tried my hand at all kinds of different crafts and techniques. As I enjoy the process so much I decided I would like to try and pass this on to my daughters. We often craft together and I blog about our creations here.

The blog and the craft process reminded me of how much I like to make beautiful and functional things. A handmade business feels like the dream to me. To share lovely things and to exchange knowledge about techniques is a wonderful experience.

The materials I like to work with are textiles and paper. I love to embellish them with prints of my own design. As I like to source my materials from garage sales, op shops, car boots, etc. I get the challenge of regularly coming up with new designs which makes most of my products limited editions. Hand printing on these designs even ensures that each product is unique. You can find them on Renate and the Ant House at Etsy or keep up to date about my progress on Facebook.com/renateandtheanthouse or @renateandtheanthouse on Instagram

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I have enjoyed creating them.


Renate and the Ant House

To craft and to create wonderful things



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