From Toilet Roll 2 Crown

We had a wonderful time crafting this week. As I said last week we are working on some crafts for Kings Day (Koningsdag, I am still getting used to this as it used to be Queens Day in the Netherlands as well). It is the day we crown-1celebrate the Dutch Kings birthday and no birthday party is  complete without a birthday hat. We know this from our garden tea party. And the only birthday hat fit for a king is of course a crown.

Ellen loves princes, princesses, queens and kings, so making a crown was right up her alley. This crown however is a miniature crown, made from a toilet roll.

First we had to make jewels though. I thought Ellen would really like the plan I had come up with. I brought home some orange paint samples from Bunnings and she could use thecrown-2 hole punch to make a whole lot of little circles. The plan was so simple that Ellen decided that it was beneath her. Secretly I think the repetition was getting to her.

Then we took a toilet roll and cut out the pre-drawn triangles at the top, creating the triangles of the crown. At first Ellen was complaining that it would be too difficult, but she soon got the hang of it.

Now for Ellen’s favourite part; glitters and jewels. We went outside for this part, to keep the peace with dad. Outside we applied glue to the crown and sprinkled on glitters and jewels, each time turning the crown a little bit to cover the whole toilet roll.

The only thing I had to buy for this craft were giant chenille sticks. Little over half a stick was glued at the bottom of the crown to finish it of. I was planning to use an orange one to keep in theme, but when Ellen saw pink there was no stopping her. To keep the crown on the head we attached some elastic. Now isn’t that cute:crown-3


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