Glued The 2 Together

doily-bday-garland3Letters, words, sentences, stories, they are all a great fascination for my Ellen. She has been writing her name for quite a while now and asks the spelling of many an other word. She tells us stories while pretending to write them down.

I thus thought it was a good idea to let her write the letters of happy birthday on to doilies for a birthday garland. Ellen was happy to do that, but the result was, how can I put it delicately, not what I had hoped.doily-bday-garland1

Now on my travels for bargains I had once purchased a bag of champagne corks from Reverse Garbage. And some other time I found some wooden letters at Spotlight. I finally did with them what I had wanted to do all along. I glued the two together to make letter stamps. Be careful to glue the letters the right way around, otherwise you will be writing in mirror image.

With these stamps Ellen wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautifully. We glued the letter doilies on to some bargain lace and hey presto a custom-made happy birthday garland fit for a garden tea party.doily-bday-garland2

P.S. What colour do you think the tea cups from last week got


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